Amsterdam, the vibrant capital of the Netherlands, is known for its canals, museums, and redlight district. But did you know it also hosts one of the most scenic marathon courses in Europe? 

The Amsterdam Marathon is a world-renowned event that draws runners from around the globe. And the best part is that you don’t need to meet specific qualifying criteria to take part. You can easily register for the marathon, and entries are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

So, if you’ve circled the date on your calendar and have your eyes set on this iconic race, you’re in the right place. 

In this blog post, we will provide a complete guide to registering for the Amsterdam Marathon, including all the related costs you need to know.


Let’s get started…

Please be aware that the information provided here, such as prices, dates, and times, may change. To stay updated with the latest details for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, visit the official Amsterdam Marathon website.

How To Enter The TCS Amsterdam Marathon

Registering for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon is straightforward compared to some other major races. As soon as entries open up, you can jump right in and secure your spot in the race.

The registration process is conveniently done through the official website. 

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to remember that registration operates on a first-come, first-served basis. 

So, being swift in signing up is essential. Make sure to keep a close eye on the Amsterdam Marathon website for updates on the upcoming entry date. 

How Much Does It Cost To Register For The Amsterdam Marathon?

The city of Amsterdam not only hosts the full 42.2 km (26.2 miles) marathon but also caters to runners of all levels and experience by offering various race options, including:

  • Half Marathon
  • 8K (5 miles)
  • Good Morning City Run (3.5K/2 miles and 6.5K/4 miles)

Here are the entry costs for each race:

  • Marathon: €105
  • Mizuno Half Marathon: €38
  • TCS 8K (5 miles): €19.50
  • Good Morning City Run €12.50

Who Is Allowed To Participate In The Amsterdam Marathon?

To participate in the Amsterdam Marathon, you need to meet the following age requirements:

  • Marathon: You need to be 18 years or older on race day.
  • Mizuno Half Marathon: The age requirement is 18 years or older on race day.
  • TCS 8K: You are required to be 14 years or older on race day.

Be sure to check the official event website for specific age requirements for the race you wish to enter.

How To Get Invited To The TCS Amsterdam Marathon?

To earn an invitation to the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, you need to achieve a specific qualifying time within one year of the race date. Here are the qualifying times:

  • For men, the qualifying time is under 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • For women, the qualifying time is under 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Upon emailing proof of your qualifying time, the race organizers will promptly send you a promotional code, granting you the opportunity to register for the marathon free of charge. 

You’ll not only receive a complimentary bib number but also enjoy the advantage of starting the race just behind the elite runners.

This exceptional opportunity allows you to compete on equal footing with some of the world’s finest athletes.

If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, there’s an alternative way to secure a spot in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. You can choose to run for a charity or go through a tour operator.

Why Run For Charity In The Amsterdam Marathon? 

When you choose to participate in a major event through a charity, it entails making a commitment to raise funds for that organization. In return, the charity secures your spot in the event, ensuring your entry.

But it doesn’t end there. 

Opting for a charity entry also brings a wealth of support from the organization before, during, and after the event, enhancing your overall experience.

While the specific offerings may vary among charities, this support generally includes:

  • Assistance with fundraising, providing you with valuable materials and expert guidance to help you reach your goals.
  • Training support tailored to your needs, including personalized training plans and advice on injury prevention.
  • A personalized, branded t-shirt to proudly wear during the race.
  • A dedicated group of supporters on event day, cheering you on and keeping your spirits high.
  • Access to a postrace gathering where you can replenish with food and enjoy massage services.
  • A designated representative from the charity will be available to address any inquiries or concerns you may have.

How Do You Apply To Run For A Charity?

To get started, just head over to the Charities page on the TCS Amsterdam Marathon website, take a look at the available charities, fill out the application form, and set up your fundraising page. 

This easy process will set you on the path to making a positive impact while participating in the marathon.

It’s important to keep in mind that the minimum fundraising commitment can vary depending on the particular race and the charity you choose to run for. 

As of the current information available, for the TCS Amsterdam Full Marathon, the average minimum fundraising commitment is approximately £300. 

It’s advisable to check with the specific charity and race for the most up-to-date fundraising requirements.

In addition to the fundraising commitment, you will also be responsible for paying an entry fee. 

However, it’s worth noting that the entry fee for charity participants is usually lower than the fee for regular entries, providing an opportunity to participate in the marathon at a more accessible cost.

Running The Amsterdam Marathon Through A Tour Operator

Marathon travel packages provided by tour operators offer a convenient way to simplify your participation in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. 

These packages are designed to make your marathon journey hassle-free, allowing you to focus on preparing for the race and enjoying the event.

 Here’s what you can expect from these packages:

  • AllInOne Experience. Marathon travel packages provide a comprehensive and stress-free experience, bundling key components of your trip together for your convenience.
  • Guaranteed Race Entry. One major benefit is guaranteed race entry, eliminating the need to secure a spot through the competitive regular registration process.
  • Accommodation. Most packages include accommodation options in Amsterdam, giving you a comfortable place to stay during your trip.
  • Transportation. Many packages arrange transportation, including flights, airport transfers, and sometimes local transportation within Amsterdam, simplifying your travel logistics.
  • Guided Tours. Some packages offer guided tours and activities in Amsterdam and its surroundings, allowing you to explore the city and its culture.
  • RaceDay Support. Marathon travel packages often provide race day support, transportation to the starting line, and access to prerace facilities.
  • Group Experience. If you’re traveling solo or prefer running with a group, these packages often attract fellow runners who can provide camaraderie and support.
  • Cost-effective. While convenient, it’s essential to compare the package offered to the costs involved if planning the trip independently. Some packages may offer cost-effective benefits like early bib pickup or access to special events.

To ensure you have the latest information on the official travel partner(s) for the specific year of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, visit the official TCS Amsterdam Marathon website.

The TCS Amsterdam Marathon also promotes corporate wellness by allowing companies to engage their employees in the marathon experience through the Business Run.

What Is The Amsterdam Marathon Business Run?

The Business Run is a corporate team competition within the marathon event. 

Companies can participate by entering teams of employees who run various distances, including the full marathon (42.2 km/26.2 miles), the Mizuno Half Marathon (21km/13 miles), or the TCS 8K Run (5 miles). 

Each team can consist of a predetermined number of participants, and the teams compete against each other for various awards and recognition.

Why Should Companies Sign Up For The Business Run? 

The Business Run is a way for companies to promote employee health and well-being, foster teamwork and camaraderie, and engage in friendly competition with other businesses in the Amsterdam area. 

It can also serve as a platform for corporate social responsibility initiatives and charity fundraising.

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Business Run

How To Register For The Business Run?

To register for the Business Run, visit the event’s official website, log in or create a new account, and select the Business Run category. 

Then, log in if you have an existing account, or create a new one if you don’t. On the website, choose the Business Run category.

Decide whether you want to join an existing team or create a new one.

Provide all the necessary information about your team and complete the registration process by paying the required entry fees. Take the time to review and accept any event waivers or terms and conditions.

Once you’ve successfully registered, expect to receive a confirmation email. Stay connected with your team members and coordinate your preparations as race day approaches.

Make sure to keep an eye on the event website for specific registration instructions and deadlines to ensure you stay informed about any updates or important information regarding the run.

How Much Does It Cost To Register For The Business Run?

Here are the registration fees for business teams in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon: 

  • Business team TCS Marathon (42.2km/26.2 miles): €1,075.00 
  • Business team Mizuno Half Marathon (21km/13 miles): €525.00 
  • Business team TCS 8K (5 miles): €325.00 

Please note that these fees do not include VAT. Be sure to review all the details and fees before registering your business team for the event.

The Business Run Discount

Businesses can take advantage of discounts when registering multiple teams for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon Business Run. 

Here are the volume discounts available:

  • When purchasing 5 to 9 teams – 5% discount
  • When purchasing 10 to 14 teams – 10% discount
  • When purchasing 15 teams or more – 15% discount

These discounts apply when registering multiple teams, and they also apply when teams are for different categories within the event. 

This is a great way for businesses to encourage participation and save on registration fees for their teams.

The Business Package

When you register your business team for the Business Run at the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, you’ll enjoy a range of valuable extras and benefits for both your team and your organization:

For The Team:

  • 10 bib numbers per business team, including pins
  • Your organization’s name will be displayed on the bib numbers.
  • A privileged starting position behind the competition runners.
  • A medal for each team member as a memento of their achievement.
  • A team photo session before the start, with downloads available on the website afterward.
  • Dedicated care and support for each team member at the start, along the course, and at the finish line
  • For full marathon teams, each team member will receive an Official Mizuno Race Shirt for 2023.
  • Full marathon teams also get the advantage of a guaranteed start from the Olympic Stadium in Start Area A.
  • For half marathon and 8K (5 miles) teams, there’s an option to purchase the Official Mizuno Race Shirt for 2023 with a 10% discount.

Business Area:

  • Exclusive access to the Business area located on Stadionplein, opposite the Olympic Stadium.
  • A complimentary welcome drink for every team member in the business area.
  • An award ceremony to recognize business rankings.


  • Personal results and business results will be published on the event’s website.

For the Contact Person:

  • Yearly recognition and attention for the organizing person within the company.

The Business Square

During the TCS Amsterdam Marathon’s Business Run, participants and teams are given access to the Business Square, located on Stadionplein at the Amsterdam Proeflokaal. 

Business Square Hours:

The Business Square is open from 07:00 to 17:00 hours on marathon day. Access to the Business Square is exclusive to participants of the Business Run and Charity Run.

To enter the Business Square, you will need to present your bib number. Commercial catering facilities will be available within the square, providing refreshments and food options.

Clothing Drop-off:

Participants of the Business Run and Charity Run have a designated clothing drop-off point located on the Business Square.

While it’s not obligatory to use this service, you can choose to leave your clothing items here if needed.

Alternatively, individual participants in the TCS 8K (5 miles), Mizuno Half Marathon, and TCS Marathon can use their respective clothing drop-off locations.

Group Photographs:

All teams have the opportunity to have a group photograph taken on the Business Square.

To arrange a team photograph, you’ll need to present the voucher that was sent to you by mail.

The photographs will be available for download from the event’s website.

Business Run Prizes:

Prizes will be awarded to the three fastest teams in the Business Run category.

The net times of the first five runners on each team will be used to determine the winners in the full marathon category. For the half marathon and 8K (5 miles), the net times of the first five runners will be considered.

There you have it, folks – your complete guide to registering for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon

Once your entry is approved, you’ll receive an email with all the details you need for the Marathon Expo, race day logistics, and everything you should know about the race weekend.

Now, the next item to tick off your checklist is your training. 

I’ve put together a series of posts that will help you arrive at the starting line feeling fresh and well-prepared, and return home in good shape. Check them out:

Happy Training!


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