Stuart only started running at around age 58. 

He was always fairly fit from some weight training and outdoor sporting activities etc. 

He then decided to add some interval running to his exercise routine. 

From there he started running some trails (an off-shoot of his love of hiking) in the jungles of Penang Island in Malaysia where he was working. 

The running bug bit and Stuart was infected.

Meet Stuart

Finishing the Surf City Marathon 

Stuart’s Story

At the same time, Stuart noticed how much the running helped in his struggle with ADHD which he had been diagnosed with only a few years earlier. 

It became my drug of choice!”

Then at 59, he heard a story of an acquaintance who decided to run a marathon for his 60th and it sounded epic to Stuart.

So I said I’m going to do that. It turned out that the Penang Bridge International Marathon was coming up just before I turned 60!”

Stuart downloaded a one-size-fits-all, 3-day a week training plan with a goal to finish. 

I finished that marathon in 5 hrs flat.”

Stuart says that running has had so many positive effects on his life physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

“Running with my daughter and granddaughter at Blenheim Palace near Oxford, England”

I eventually stopped listening to podcasts or music on my run and practiced mindfulness and just being present with my body and surroundings.”


For the last eleven years since his first marathon, he has completed a couple of half marathons and a variety of trail races. 

I’ve been able to place in the top three in several 5 and 10k trail races and placed first in two Spartan Sprints (all in my age category of course).”

One of Stuart’s favorite races is the Valencia Trail race near Los Angeles in which he did the 10k one year and a half marathon distance the second

Their motto is “beautiful trails and killer hills”. 

Most Recent Achievement

At the beginning of February this year, at age 71, Stuart completed the Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA, USA.

My goal was a sub 4:50 finish and I finished in 4:47!” 

Stuart actually started entertaining a BQ (Boston Qualifying) time of 4:20 for his category. He thought that he might make it. 

I was staying in the 4:20 pacer (I’d get slightly ahead so I could walk every 4K). It worked well until almost the half way point when my left leg started cramping and felt like my knee wanted to buckle.”

Stuart tells us that he had to walk more and lost touch with those pacers. Then the 4:30 pacers passed him at mile 18 and this was when he was in a lot of pain in both legs….

The crazy thing was stopping to walk seemed more painful but it did help and I focused on hydration sometimes grabbing one electrolyte drink cup and 2 water cups at each station.”

The cramp did work itself out but Stuart finished with a lot of muscle pain in both legs– he almost fell at the finish. 

I followed the training plan fairly consistently except for the two weekends of Christmas and New Year for family activities”

He says that the bottom line is: He is happy and feels good about his finish and pushing through the pain.

Stuart sent us this after the race: “ I know that your training principles for us older runners really do work. THANK YOU. Faster beyond Seventy, Stuart” 

Joining Coach Parry 

Stuart joined Coach Parry about four months after having signed up to run the Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, California. 

What compelled me to join was hearing the science-based best practices of training for older runners. At age 70 I finally had to acknowledge that I couldn’t build strength in the same way when I was 30 or even 50. “

The Biggest Contributor To Your Success Story

Stuart says the biggest contributors to his success are the principles behind FBF training, which include an emphasis on recovery, and consistency. 

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Future Goals

RECOVERY and then starting in April to enter some 10 to 30K trail runs.”

Struggles Along The Way

In training, Stuart says that he struggled to put in the time for strength training which he knows firsthand is vital. 

Especially on Thursdays after an hour+ run then an hour of strength training was hard to put in the time.”

Hardest Part Of Reaching Your New Marathon PB? 

Trusting the training plan, feeling confident in my hydration/fueling plan on race day, and feeling confident in my pace strategy. Experience does matter!”

Spartan with his son and daughters. 

Stuart tells us that he attributes a big part of being consistent & injury-free to learning about Chi Running & running in barefoot shoes. He says that he still runs in zero drop shoes with a forefoot strike.

Amazing Stu! Keep it up!:) 

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