Dave started running in his twenties and ran his first half marathon in his early thirties.
He then got injured and stopped running for 10 years. He picked it up again.. on and off… Throughout his forty’s and got into triathlons in his mid forty’s.

Meet Dave

I’ve completed three 70.3s, a few Olympic tri’s, and a number of sprint distances.”

Things took a small turn for the worst when Dave had to have back surgery in 2017 but luckily regained his fitness. He did have another minor back issue just before he joined Coach Parry.

Just like for a lot of us runners… Dave says running is his way of getting out and de-stressing – after a long day working, and especially during the pandemic, when so many in-person events were canceled, running was something he could still do – “something normal!”

Recent Achievements

I haven’t had too many Persolan Bests recently – a nagging back injury meant that running and training consistently was hard.”


Dave did manage to get his 10K time down to a fantastic 50:55!   

This is what he posted in the forum:

I completed my training plan to run a sub-55 10k and raced today in the Middletown 10k (Middletown, CT).  It’s a double loop course with a couple of inclines, but you finish with a downhill and a flat final 0.2 miles.  I was looking to run average splits of 8:30/mile and ended up running an average of 8:12/mile.  Really happy with my final time.  Looking forward to chatting with Lindsey on Thursday to start work on a half-marathon.  Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and for the program!”

His splits ended up being:

  1. 8:14
  2. 8:07
  3. 8:12
  4. 8:25
  5. 8:35
  6. 7:56
  7. 6:26 (for the last 0.2)

Joining Coach Parry

Dave found out about Coach Parry online and attended a Fast Beyond 50 online session in November 2020. 

I really liked the philosophy behind how the team approached running.”

Join us for a free online presentation of the…

The Faster Beyond 50 Masterclass

…and discover how you can run well (and faster) as you get olderwithout training more or harder than you currently are, all while avoiding injury. 

If it feels like you’re training harder than ever but not running the paces you’d like to be running or if you’re constantly tired, fatigued or running in some sort of pain, then this is specifically for you.

Save your seat in this training now…

Biggest Contributor To Dave’s Success Story

He tells us that it’s all about having a structured training program – and the guidance around running his slow runs slowly enough so that he can run hard during the interval sessions.  

Weight training is something I’d never really done before, so that has made a real difference too!”

What’s Next?

Dave has two half-marathons planned over the summer, along with an Olympic distance tri. 

I’d like to get into some more trail races – they definitely beat pounding the pavement!”

Difficulties That Had To Be Overcome Along The Way

Consistency – and learning to make time for working on core strength and stretching. I’ve had some back issues previously and stretching and core work were two of those things I always knew I needed to do…but just never took the time to do them.”

Dave said that he’s really trying to be disciplined in this department.

Some of my runs just felt like a slog and hard work.”

Dave also felt the challenge of looking at one workout session and not appreciating the overall impact of following a consistent plan…until race day!

He wants everyone to know that he has signed up for some 1:1 coaching sessions and these have been great!

To be able to talk through my goals and approach, and to have that additional accountability is excellent – I would highly recommend them!”

Amazing Dave, we can’t wait to hear from you after your half marathons and tri!
Keep up the hard work:)

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