Mohsin started running in 2013 when he moved to Doha, Qatar as he wanted to live more of an active lifestyle.

Meet Mohsin Khan

Mohsin started pushing himself to run longer distances as he trained for his first marathon in 2014.

He lived abroad for 6 years and used to train alone.

I enjoyed the solitude on the long runs but since moving back to South Africa in 2018, I started training with an awesome running group and I can’t imagine going back to ever running alone.”

I’m sure a lot of you can relate to that!

Every run is a laugh and we are always pushing and motivating each other. The camaraderie and friendships made through running have been the best part for me!”

BEST Marathon PB!

Mohsin has been training to crack a sub-4hr marathon and is very pleased to report that he completed the Johnson Crane Marathon in a time of 3:58:23!

Devlin did advise to aim for a negative split given the relatively flatter 2nd half of the race but I ended up with a 1:57 / 2:01 split. I was a bit concerned going into the race as my ITB flared up a bit during the last couple of weeks.

With my knee all strapped up, I felt pretty comfortable in the 1st half and took some walk breaks but my legs and hips started feeling tight around halfway.

I pushed through and the last 7kms were quite brutal as pretty much all of my body was in pain! But I managed each km as best as I could and finished within my goal time for my 1st sub 4 and beat my marathon PB by about 6 mins.”

Mohsin’s forum post.

During the lockdown in July 2020, Mohsin and two of his friends joined a challenge to run every day for the whole of July. 

After running between 8km and 10km for 31 consecutive days, they decided to keep going and ended up running 1000km in 100 consecutive days!

“For the most part, it was pretty chilled easy runs, and only towards the end of the challenge when we started pushing the pace a bit more did we realize how our base fitness had increased significantly through consistent easy running.”

Smashing All His PBs!

After the challenge, he followed the Coach Parry sub 45min 10k plan and before the end of 2020, he had smashed his 5k, 10k, and 21k PBs. 

His previous 5k PB was 24:06 and he ran a 20:46.
His previous 10k PB was 50:05 and he ran a 44:58 on a pretty tough hilly course.
His previous 21k PB was 1:49 and he ran a 1:43. 

The effects of easy running and following a properly structured plan were huge

Mohsin joined Coach Parry in 2020 because he wanted to attempt his first Comrades but then COVID happened….

The Biggest Contributor To Mohsin’s Success Story

Structured plan… Easy running with good quality sessions and my running group (The Wendywood Cool Runners)”

What’s Next…

Of course… His first Comrades!

Mohsin will be targeting a sub 10 hour and … “after that, I want to aim for a sub 3:45 marathon. I would also love to break 20min in the 5k”

Set Backs along the way…

2021 was a pretty tough year personally and I didn’t run as much I would have liked.”

He managed to finish off the last few months of 2021 with consistent running and carried that over in 2022.

I have been pretty poor at strength work and had to really dig deep and push through to get my marathon PB at Johnson Crane. The last 7kms were torture!”

Mohsin says that seeing his wife and two kids at the finish line was the icing on the cake of a great day out! 🎂

Incredible story Mohsin, I know a lot of runners will relate to it!
Here comes … Comrades!  We KNOW you are absolutely going to SMASH it!

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