Lundy began running over 20 years ago, solely because running was part of a triathlon…

It was, initially, her least favorite discipline…

Little by little, it grew on her and is now one of her favorite things to do!

The running bug got to her too!😉

Meet Lundy

I have found that running, not only feeds my physical need to test my body‘s ability, but it also feeds my psychological need to connect with the natural world.”

Lundy loves to be outside, in, and around nature, and the combination of the physical challenge and along with that natural connection energizes her.

She told us that running had kept her fit while at the same time allowing her to explore where ever she is…

Lundy is a well-traveled recreational athlete who has a fantastic competitive streak.  

She has raced, both triathlon and the half marathon distances on three continents; America, Europe, and Asia.  The half marathon in Asia was partially on the Great Wall near Beijing; in Europe, she completed Ironman Austria; in America, her first Marathon was The New York City marathon.

From 2000 until 2008 I ran many 5ks, 10ks, 21ks, and 3 marathons (New York, Berlin, and Munich). Additionally, over this period, I raced all distances of triathlons as well from sprints all the way to IM Austria in 2004.”

Once her son was born in 2008 she took a hiatus from racing, that and because she moved to Beijing in 2011 and there were not all that many races back then. 

Plus, the air pollution was really a problem the first 5 years she lived there, so running outside took a back seat to spinning and gym training.  

Towards the end of my time there I spent a lot of time hiking, running the Great Wall 1/2 marathon 3x, a 1/2 marathon around Angkor Wat, Cambodia; 2 1/2 Marathons in the outskirts of Beijing, one 25km trail run (which was AWESOME), and did participate in the Beijing Triathlon (OD (2nd in my AG) and Sprint (1st in my AG) distances), and lastly a 3-day trail run covering 80km with close to 3500m elevation over the three days!”

Recent Personal Bests

Lundy ran a 10km race and was ecstatic to report her official time was 54:20.

“I am super psyched about this time!!  I did reach my goal – I was hoping for 55 mins!”

She says the bigger win was for the first time this racing season, she felt strong and in control.  Like it was a walk in the park, not a race. 

In terms of previous PBs, she set most of them before having kids, back when she was in her early to mid-30s. 

At that time I was racing regularly and training consistently. I was pleasantly surprised when I reached my 40s that I hadn‘t slowed down all that much.”

While Lundy was living in Beijing, China – races were few and far between; consequently, PBs seemed to be a thing of the past. 

They moved back to Europe in 2020 and she turned 50. 

I was looking for a marathon plan and a friend introduced me to Coach Parry. It was only during my training that PBs started to pop up again each month. This recent one was just icing on the cake!  Looking forward to more in the future.”

Joining Coach Parry

Lundy’s reason for joining Coach Parry was that she noticed over the past few years as she has been trying to get back into running, that her times are nowhere near what they used to be.  

In addition, since 2019 she has had trouble with her right leg – sciatic issues presenting themselves in her right hamstring and in the right glute, ESPECIALLY when driving for longer periods – Lundy tells us.

In December 2019, I experienced a planar facial tear which I had to rehab for close to 10 months until I could start running again in August 2020.“

 She is now running more regularly and would like to improve her times.  

Lundy is now running a 10min mile, she signed up for the Berlin Marathon in September and would like to finish in under 4 hours as she has all other ones. (She ran the Berlin Marathon in 3:47:52 in 2006)

“I have been with Coach Parry for just about a year now and am very pleased. I am the type of person who just needs a plan to follow – execution is not a problem for me.
What made me join was the convincing Web Talks about the Faster Beyond 50 with Brad and Lindsey AND the talk Shona gave about Running with Menopause. I found the science behind their words incredibly interesting and compelling!”

Lundy says the biggest contributor to achieving her goals has been consistency and determination.

Strong female runner

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Future Goals…

A future goal of Lundy’s is to get back down to a  sub 1:50 half marathon and a sub 50 10km.

Not sure I will do the marathon distance again, but if I do, a sub 4 hour again would be the icing on the cake!” 

Difficulties Along The Way

Lundy said that in the last week before her race she had shin pain – badly enough while running… So she needed to walk. (This side-lined her last week of training and race-prep.) 

Luckily, on race day the rest paid off.

One of the hardest parts of achieving her goal was learning to trust her body again, in terms of pushing it as hard as she used to. (Running for an extended period with a high heart rate).

Lundy, your perseverance is admirable! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!😊

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