Monika told us that she really only started running, with a structured plan, about 20 years ago, when her second daughter was two years old.

She found that she wanted to get into shape and do something else apart from being a working mom.

Meet Monika Thomas

In those years Monika ran quite a lot of 10 km races, half-marathons, and the Madrid Marathon twice. 

I have never been fast, my best ever 10k was 48 minutes and 1/2 marathon 1.52 so I’m not sure you have the right person! 😉 “

This is our response… When we think of running, there’s often this idea that runners must be “fast”. If you think you have to be speedy to be considered a “real runner”… we’re here to tell you it’s simply not true.

Fast is relative and my fast isn’t the same as the next person’s fast. It’s important to focus on yourself and think of where you started and how you as an individual have progressed. 

In other words… we know we’ve got the right person 😉

After some years of excursion on the field and track, Monika has now changed to sprinting for longer distances again. 

Running keeps me literally “on track”, and helps me get routine in my life. I love to still be able to go out there and run 10 or 20 km even if it isn’t so fast.”

She tells us that running is part of her healthy lifestyle which is so important always, and more so at this stage of her life, where so many things are changing. 

Monika’s husband also runs, so it means time together.

 Well, sort of hahaha he is faster than me obviously. We love to take part in trail runs, enjoying nature and landscapes.”

Recent Achievements

Monika completed the first half marathon in her Superhalfs 22/23 adventure, in Lisbon. 

My goal was under 2.20 and I was secretly hoping to do 2.10. However, once more my last 4 weeks of training were hampered (my own “fault” for going off on trail runs and 30km hikes…) and I didn’t get to Portugal quite in the right shape.”

It was a super hot day and the race didn’t start until 10.20h which didn’t help Monika at all… She ended up coming in at 2:17 and was happy to report her Achilles was not worse after the run and she hardly suffered from sore muscles in the days after – which she found quite amazing!

Another achievement… 

I consider this running phase a new one, not to be compared to what I did 10 or 15 years ago. I am pleased to have run 10k in under one hour and am hoping to wittiest it down to 55 minutes this spring. My objective for the half marathon is sub 2h, I will need all the help I can get hahaha!”

Joining Coach Parry

Monika joined CP last year when starting with menopause symptoms because she felt that her “traditional” training methods weren’t adequate anymore.
She loves the community of women she has found and dearly values the coaches professional guidance

Biggest Contributor To Monika’s Success

She is loving the plans, the flexibility, and the care the coaches show. 

I love that in this group you are never too slow, most half marathon training plans stop at 2h, not here. I believe the method of more slow and east running really works for me.”

What Does The Future Hold?

Monika has signed up for Superhalfs and wants to do 3 half marathons this year (plus one marathon – she says that will be a real test) and two next year, all of that somehow without getting injured and with her Achilles not getting worse. 

Training in summer in Madrid will also be a challenge, but I’m all in for it!”

Challenges Along The Way

Monika told us she has what she believes is chronic Achilles pain/inflammation… 

All her training is set out to not make it any worse, it is a thin line between actually running better and not getting injured

She also works full time and more often than not struggles to fit all the sessions in.

Consistency is my greatest challenge. It is easy to run out of time during any day and not be able to train.”

I think this part is quite important for a lot of people to read…

Monika told us she doesn’t see herself as a success story… just a normal middle-aged woman in pre-menopause, trying to run as best as she can… “You can tell by my “technique” that fast is not the case.”

Here’s a secret about running… The feeling you get after a new PB, that satisfaction you feel, knowing you pushed through a tough run, and even that disappointment you feel after a bad run… all runners feel the same no matter how fast they are… that’s the beauty of running.

There is no difference between the runner who breaks 60 minutes for a 10K for the first time and the one that breaks 40 minutes. Both worked hard to achieve their goal and experienced the same challenges.

This is one of the reasons why so many people around the world love running, we can all relate to each other… no matter our speed. 

We are so proud of how far you’ve come, Monika. You are a “real runner” and an inspiration to a lot of women out there. Keep it up:)  

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